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This book presents an introduction to GUI programming in Java.  Topics include the basics of window layout, widget configuration, and responding to user events.  The book uses an open-source toolkit, BreezySwing, to explore GUI concepts and resources within a simple coding framework.

Included features

  • A gentle, just-in-time approach, where no concept is introduced before it is needed
  • A discussion of the model/view/controller pattern for organizing GUI programs
  • Realistic applications, including numerical computation, text-based computation, and graphics
  • End-of-chapter programming exercises to try out the ideas presented in each chapter
  • Complete program examples, from the simple to the complex, also available on the author’s Web site
  • Access to an open-source toolkit for easy GUI programming in Java

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Hello World Program
Chapter 2: Windows, Layouts, and Window Components
Chapter 3: Command Buttons and Responding to Events
Chapter 4: Input and Output with Data Fields
Chapter 5: Error Handling and Message Boxes
Chapter 6: The Model/View/Controller Pattern
Chapter 7: Check Buttons, Radio Buttons, and Menus
Chapter 8: Scrolling List Boxes
Chapter 9: Text Areas and File Dialogs
Chapter 10: Dialogs
Chapter 11: Panels and Graphics Operations
Chapter 12: Responding to Mouse Events in Panels
Appendix: Basic Java Programming