Introduction to breezypythongui

breezypythongui is a lightweight toolkit that sits on top of Python's standard tkinter toolkit for writing GUI-based programs. breezypythongui gives programmers access to the essential capabilities of tkinter while hiding its complexities.

Users of breezypythongui write code to specify a window's appearance and the associated event handling routines in the context of a simplified framework.

breezypythongui will be especially appealing to programmers new to Python who would normally face a very steep learning curve as they attempt to master tkinter. By beginning GUI development with breezypythongui, programmers can explore event-driven programming, the features of tkinter's basic window components, and the design of GUI-based applications in an easily understood setting. Later, as the need arises, they can transfer this knowledge to the more formidable setting of tkinter.

However, even experienced programmers will sometimes prefer to use breezypythongui, especially when they need to get a GUI-based program up and running quickly. These programmers are also invited to extend the full source code for this framework to suit their own needs.